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Mandatory Learning and Compliance

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Mandatory Learning and Compliance

You know you need it.
We make it pain free. 

If your people are tangled up in too much compliance training, let us streamline it!

Do you know how many hours your people are spending on compliance training every year? Many of our clients say their people spend over 10 hours per year in compliance training.
When you multiple this by the number of people in your organisation, this time can really add up!.
The true cost of compliance training is not just the cost of creating it, but the time spent doing the training.

Using BSI’s established audit processes and checklists, we independently evaluate your organisation’s digital and blended training to identify opportunities for:

  • Greater efficiency, through eliminating redundant content, and introducing diagnostic assessments and optional pathways
  • Better engagement, through improving the quality of the content

We then revamp your digital learning, resulting in a whole-of-organisation uplift in compliance training and major costs savings for large organisations.

Some of our major mandatory compliance projects

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Our team can talk through your needs, and plan out a consultation to meet your goals, including a learning audit and benchmarking and recommendations to ensure your compliance learning strategy is targeted and efficient  saving many hours of time and delivering greater ROI.