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Diversity and Inclusion

Boldly transforming learning for work.

Diversity and Inclusion

Helping create a more equitable world and
belonging through learning.

How we support diversity and inclusion

• Our instructional design style guide contains specific guidelines for inclusive language, ensuring that, no matter what the project or
topic, diversity is supported.

• We ensure that the case studies and characters that we use reflect the rich diversity of people in the broader community.

• Our projects are designed to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 AA standards within the constraints of standardised
tools. This is the level required for all Australian Government websites. Where learners have higher accessibility needs, we can design
to AAA standard.

• Our entire team participates in annual Diversity and Inclusion training to ensure we are informed about broader issues in society and
how we can work to address inequality and improve team belonging.

We’re known for the way we handle nuanced learning topics, sensitively.

From solutions supporting financial, cultural and gender inclusion; to learning about people living with disability; we do the work to ensure your team understand how to best support and foster inclusivity toward people from many different backgrounds and walks of life.

Some of our key inclusion Projects

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