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Cyber Security and Privacy

Boldly transforming learning for work.

Cyber Security and Privacy

Choose from our ready made cyber training, our cyber qualifications or partner with us to build your custom cyber learning solution.

Cyber safety starts with your people

Did you know that the average cost of a data breach in Australia is close to 3.5 million dollars? And the cause of these attacks? Almost 95% are attributed to human error. The Australian and international governments are now legislating that all businesses have adequate cyber strategies in place – all of which must be underpinned by a solid educational strategy. There have been several high-profile cases in the news in the last 12 months… Don’t let this be your organisation! BSI can support you with our ready-made cyber solutions, eLearning programs and qualification options, or partner with you to build your organisation’s customised and blended cyber security solutions.

With cyber risks increasing, and cyber-crime on the rise, we’re leading the way with effective training to lift your team’s ability to manage risks and threats. We build engaging digital learning programmes, covering a range of topics including Privacy, Ransomware, Identity Management and Information security.

Why choose BSI for your Cyber needs?

  • Know how

    Know how

    We create high-quality digital learning for Australia's top companies.

  • Experience


    Our team has decades of experience in designing and developing digital learning.

  • Flexibility


    We are agile and adapt our processes and tools to suit your organisation.

  • Creativity


    We specialise in creative solutions that engage learners and embed practical skills.

  • Detail-focussed


    Our quality assurance processes ensure that your materials are top quality, accessible and bug-free.

  • Australian Owned

    Australian Owned

    We are 100% Australian owned and our talented team works remotely throughout Australia.

Key Projects

Off the shelf learning solutions

Need to get your team up to speed quickly? Our ready-made cyber solutions may be just what you need. We have a series of engaging
online modules covering a range of Cyber related topics:


  • Module 1 – Foundations of cybersecurity
  • Module 2 – Preventing cybercrime
  • Module 3 – Social media management