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Managed Learning Services

Our teams come quality assured and ready to collaborate!

"We thrive on complex, multi-layered projects. Our seasoned team of learning experts can scale up or down to support all of your L&D and build requirements."

Simon Dewar

Director, BSI Digital Learning

Simon Dewar

How we support you to deliver

  • Capacity
  • Skills and  knowledge
    Skills and knowledge
  • Technical  capability
    Technical capability
  • Accessibility support
    Accessibility support
  • Quality assurance processes
    Quality assurance processes
  • BSI Managed Learning Services
  • Capacity

    BSI’s Managed Learning Services can rapidly scale to complete any sized project.

  • Skills and knowledge

    Our teams bring their experience in regularly create digital learning for Australia’s top companies.

  • Technical capability

    Our teams include technical eLearning specialists to ensure smooth development.

  • Accessibility support

    Our team have experience in all aspects of accessible content development.

  • Quality assurance processes

    We have templates, checklists and processes in place to ensure high-quality standards are maintained on all projects.

  • Typical In-house L&D team
  • L&D teams may have limited capacity to complete very large projects.

  • Your L&D team may have limited experiences outside their organisation.

  • Without a dedicated eLearning development specialist, your designers will often get caught trying to solve technical issues.

  • Your team may not have the knowledge of WCAG accessibility requirements.

  • Many L&D teams do not have the capacity to develop rigorous quality assurance processes.