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When the subject is heartbreaking

When the subject matter is heartbreaking…

Family violence is an incredibly challenging topic to address in digital learning.
How do we help raise awareness about family violence and the profound impact that it has on peoples’ lives and careers? How do we give voice to those people (predominantly women) whose lived experiences of abuse are rarely heard?

BSI worked in partnership with Jen Allen (@jen-allen-jacc), a Melbourne-based psychotherapist, public speaker and Violence Against Women activist, to create a powerful learning experience that included the real audio of survivors of abuse.

When listening to women speaking about their experiences, our instructional designers were struck by the heartbreaking emotional impact of their words. The tone was palpable and the overwhelming feeling was as if one was gradually drowning in despair.

But for privacy reasons, we understandably couldn't show video footage of these women telling their stories. Instead, we engaged a professional illustrator to create animations to symbolically represent the emotional impact of abuse.

This kind of audio-driven approach to telling emotionally tough stories for learning is something that we've found extremely effective.

Link to BSI's Family Violence module: