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The Role of Education and Learning in combating Cybercrime

The Role of Education and Learning in combating Cybercrime – Insights from BSI’s Future Learning Podcast


In the latest episode of the BSI Future Learning Podcast, the conversation focuses on the role of education and continuous learning in helping individuals and organisations protect their people and systems from cyber incidents and risks.

The Shift Towards Campaign-Based Learning:

One notable trend discussed in the podcast is the shift towards a campaign-based approach to learning. This approach emphasises continuous learning, breaking it into smaller, micro-learning moments or chunks, with exercises and other forms of learning to keep key principles top of mind throughout the year.

Practical Learning Experiences:

Practical learning experiences such as simulations, skills drills, and workshops are highlighted as effective methods for preparing individuals to respond to real-world cybersecurity incidents. These hands-on activities not only reinforce theoretical knowledge but also help develop the "cyber muscle" – the ability to apply learned concepts in practical situations.

Integration of AI Technology:

The integration of AI technology into learning solutions is mentioned as a growing trend. AI coaches and simulations provide personalised support to learners, guiding them through various scenarios and helping them develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Communication and Leader-Driven Initiatives:

Communication, support mechanisms, and leader-driven initiatives are recognized as essential components for embedding cybersecurity principles into organizational culture. Cybersecurity education should not be a sporadic effort but rather a continuous, multi-faceted strategy.

Investing in Cybersecurity Education:

Acknowledging time constraints, the podcast emphasises the increasing importance of investing adequate time and resources into cybersecurity education. As government regulations evolve and cyber threats become more sophisticated, organisations must prioritise education and training to effectively mitigate risks.

Looking Ahead:

In the next video segment, the discussion will delve deeper into the significance of education and training in creating awareness and upskilling workers in cybersecurity, underscoring the importance of obtaining cyber qualifications in today's complex digital landscape.


As we strive to empower organisations to stay ahead in the realm of cybersecurity, education and learning solutions emerge as indispensable tools in building organisational resilience and fostering a proactive approach towards cyber defence.

Stay tuned for more insightful discussions on The Future Learning Podcast, where we explore the strategies and solutions driving continuous learning and ensuring specialist teams are adequately qualified with targeted learning programs.

Thank you for tuning in!

Simon, Kala, and the BSI Team