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Learning for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Learning for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Insights from BSI’s Future Learning Podcast

In this our episode of BSI’s Future Learning podcast on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), we explore the transformative power of dedicated learning and development initiatives in advancing the DEI cause at work. Featuring discussions with Simon, Anneli and Nola, this episode is a treasure trove of practical strategies for learning professionals or teams looking to deepen their skills and support stronger DEI outcomes through education.

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The Role of Learning in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Using Skills to Enhance Understanding

The conversation begins with an emphasis on the importance of using existing skills to foster a deeper understanding of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion principles. Simon paraphrases organisational psychologist Adam Grant, who said that the best way to learn something profoundly is to teach it. As a learning education company, this was a critical way for BSI employees to understand DEI principles. BSI employees created a custom DEI digital and blended training programme and content, that not only educated the team. Once staff had a foundational understanding of DEI, Anneli reinforced these through a custom set of facilitated learning experiences.

Specialised Learning Areas

As the discussion progresses, Simon and Anneli highlight the importance of investing in specialised learning on diversity-related topics. These topics include disability, neurodiversity, and cultural diversity. Focusing on these unique aspects of DEI gives teams specific understanding. This understanding helps to acknowledge, engage, accommodate, and include diverse groups in the workforce.

Learning into Action: The Need for real Outcomes

Simon emphasises that learning must go beyond theoretical knowledge and translate into concrete actions. This transition from learning to action is pivotal in making real changes in the workplace and ensuring that DEI efforts are not just performative but effective, meaningful and sustained for the long term.

Strategies for Implementing DEI Learning: Leadership and Legislation

Starting with Anneli, Simon then moved on to discuss her top two approaches to making real and impactful change with respect to DEI in the workplace. Anneli encourages organisations to lead the way in DEI, rather than waiting for legal requirements to dictate their actions. Being proactive in this area demonstrates a genuine commitment to change – and helps organisations move away from a compliance-focused approach.

Aligning DEI with Organisational Values

Anneli also highlighted the importance of strategic alignment of DEI with organisational core values. This alignment helps to integrate DEI seamlessly into everyday business operations, reinforcing the idea that inclusivity and equity are part of the “way we do things” not just add-ons.

Conclusion: A Call to Action for Meaningful Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Integration

The episode concludes with a call to action for leaders and organisations to imagine a future where DEI is not just an initiative but fundamentally woven into every aspect of how they operate to create a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplace.

Tune in to the next episode where we explore the key take-away’s from Kala and Nola.

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