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Zoe Minton Melbourne Water

In conversation with Zoe Minton from Melbourne Water

Tell us a little bit about your working relationship with BSI and how long you've partnered with us just to start with.

Zoe: I have partnered with BSI for quite some time now and have had a great working relationship with Jesse and the team. I first worked with BSI while I was at one of the large banks and I've been at Melbourne Water eight years, so it'd have to be over ten years that I've been working with them.

Why did you choose to continue with BSI?

Zoe: I’d worked on some large complex projects with BSI previously so when I moved to Melbourne Water I immediately thought of bringing them in to help us with our online training needs. I went from an organisation who were eLearning fatigued to Melbourne Water who were only just beginning their online training journey so it was exciting!!

What three words would you use to describe BSI's team capabilities?

Zoe: Reliable, Quality and Trust.

The quality of training that BSI produce is of a very high standard. They know the trends and are always bringing contemporary ideas and solutions to the table. I know I can rely on the team for a smooth build process and I can trust them to get the job done and meet all of our deadlines.   

What are some of the key learning projects and digital challenges you've asked us to solve for you?

Zoe: I suppose we've gone on a bit of a transition ourselves. We've progressed quite a bit over the years at Melbourne Water with our eLearning, so I think the biggest thing for us now is protecting our learners from eLearning fatigue. It's really just keeping the finger on the pulse. How do you make it interesting? How do you get people to want to do the training? How do you make it a bit of fun?

An example of that would be our fraud and corruption training, where we used some really cool themes throughout and had some fun with it. The reward of that was that it was very well received from all parts of the business.

Another important aspect of any online training development is just being able to have experts within BSI who understand Learning Management Systems. It’s handy to know that we have experts on hand if we are having issues at the testing stage so that we can sort through any problems to avoid delays.

As a client, what's your experience been like working with us through the design and development process of your modules?

Zoe:  One of the biggest strengths of BSI is their project management capability. It's structured, you've always got a plan in place, and I know things are going to get done. BSI are really flexible and the team can usually work around any minor delays or roadblocks we might hit at our end so that’s always appreciated. BSI have been able to build some really strong relationships with people in the business - they’ll often come to me and say , "Hey, can we get BSI to build this next module too?"

What would you say has differentiated BSI from others you've worked with in the past?

Zoe: Strong project management discipline, being reliable, being trustworthy and bringing experience to the table

Melbourne Water are going on a bit of a journey where we're trying to bring the outside in as much as possible so it's great that BSI are working with other big organisations where we can get a sense of what's going on out in industry. As we move into a new phase of new ways of working post Covid, the next couple of years is going to be really exciting in regards to how we continue to be innovative in our thinking and learning design.