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In conversation with Renee from Clinical Education and Planning and Siobhan from The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital

Tell us a little bit about the project you’ve been working on.

Renee and Siobhan: The World Association of Eye Hospitals funded The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital to develop a Patient Eye Drops Education Package to be used globally by eye health professionals to teach a standardised technique to applying eye drops. An animated video was the preferred method to allow for easy translations and so it wouldn’t date.

Why did you choose to work with BSI?

Renee and Siobhan: The Eye and Ear had used BSI previously to design an education package and had developed a good working relationship so were keen to work with BSI again on this project.

What are some of the key challenges you had to consider for this project? For example, budget, audience, timeframes, other etc.

Renee and Siobhan: This project was a true collaboration. It involved consumers, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and international eye hospitals. There were many varying opinions and lots of edits requested. We had to bear in mind the end user, the budget and the time of the video. We also had to take into consideration the diversity of the viewer and the age demographic of the learner. We also had to be mindful of accessibility and ensure that clarity of the visuals were suitable for viewers living with low vision.

As a client, what's your experience been like working with BSI through the design and development process of this project?

Renee and Siobhan: Working with BSI was a very positive experience. The team were enthusiastic and professional. They constantly offered guidance, advice and improvements where needed. They had shrewd attention to detail, hit every milestone and produced an excellent product in time and in budget.

What would you say has differentiated BSI from other similar organisations you've worked with in the past?

Renee and Siobhan: They cared about the project and treated it as if it was their own. Their attention to detail and project management has led to a very successful end result.

Is there anything else you would add about the project?

Renee and Siobhan: We would definitely choose to work with BSI again for a similar project. We thoroughly recommend their services to other organisations looking to do something similar.