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In conversation with Dan Casey from Vision Australia

Tell us a little bit about your working relationship with BSI, how long you’ve been partnering with us and why you selected us initially?

It has been around a 3-year since we started working with BSI – initial connection from Simon in previous role, was the starting point and I trusted in our professional relationship. But the BSI team was selected because you had a good handle on the practicalities for digital learning and also the creative side of learning.   This was reflective in the first project, and the combination of people that we dealt with. Highly technical proficiency and creativity…  Aim to try and maximise this and get some great solutions as a result. Some other providers are technically proficient but can’t create good learning and others are very creative, but less great on achieving learning outcomes.  

What three words would you use to describe BSI’s team capabilities?

Collaborative, Insightful, Focussed

What are some of the key learning projects and digital challenges you have had for us to solve?

Employment project – microlearning, eLearning and webinars. This was a longer-term project, from solution design through to delivery of all the components of the blended strategy. Goal was also achieving an accessible solution (BSI developers were involved with our accessibility team and learning and collaborating on the process, further building our relationship)

Once this was done, it was easy to continue working together and building on that.

Active learning project – going well.  Big challenges are the complex topics, supporting the audience (vision impaired) and meeting unique needs – and doing that well.

Also, working with allied health professionals, who are very particular, is challenging and they want a lot from their provider. BSI takes key messages and helps distil down to the most important learning content (managing SMEs and experts together with needs of the learner)

Tara and rest of team were good at stakeholder management and acknowledging those inputs while offering suggestions that would work from a learning perspective.

As a client, what has your experience been like working with us through the design and development process?

Positive and collaborative, logical and linear approach, but good at looping back and communicating and having honest conversations… Good at providing feedback and pushing project forward… engaging dev process.

How did BSI deal with setbacks, challenges, or bumps in the road?

Regular communication and upping the ante on ‘structure’. In our employment project we had some personnel changes and other changes in what we needed. BSI was able to have some honest conversations and provided a lot of structure to ensure progress was made. Being upfront about what the challenges and issues were (eg accessibility) when these came up - BSI were open to feedback and adjusting approach accordingly. BSI were invested in the longer-term customer relationship.

What would you say differentiated the BSI team from others you have worked with in the past?

Good collection of different skills and knowledge across all aspects of digital and instructional design. A solid process, strong designs and good client interactions and communication. And agreat final product.

What has been your biggest learning or highlight from working with our team?

The video production facet was well managed and the day we ran to capture video was really fun and well organised… one of my highlights.

BSI was good at reminding us that it was still about the learner!

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

You guys get it. You get that digital learning is important, but it isn’t going to save the world on its own. You’re good at being real and understand what clients are trying to do… rather than show off what fancy digital stuff you can build.

Dan Casey is Capability Development Manager at Vision Australia