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BSI Enters Its Podcast Era!

Earlier this year, Kala Philip, our leadership team and I were immersed in conversations about how to share the valuable insights we’ve gained regarding the impacts of technology on both business and learning BSI's ethos and culture have always emphasised partnering with and building links in the business and learning communities. We recognised this approach as a great way to showcase the impactful conversations we have daily as we consult, craft learning solutions and grapple with the challenging learning problems that technology poses.

As a medium size organisation on our own transformative journey, we wanted to share our learnings about the effects of technological disruption on us, and also its impacts on learning, skills shortages, and our clients as they look for ways to harness technology when planning their business, people and learning strategies.

From these conversations, the BSI Future Learning series was conceived, and we're excited to share our first episode today!

Each episode is specifically crafted to explore the questions we want to know the answers to, questions that anyone might want to delve into more deeply.

In this first episode, we're diving into the realm of cybersecurity—a discipline we’ve dedicated substantial time to with our clients over the last decade. More recently, we’ve also branched into the qualifications space, making cybersecurity the cornerstone of our international qualifications programme that launched earlier this year. Joining us is the incredibly knowledgeable Damien Cantelo from Apollo Secure, who has worked closely with enterprises of all sizes to understand the cyber-threat landscape and guide them to ensure their systems, processes and, most importantly, people are cyber-ready.

Watch in the video below or listen/follow along on Spotify or Apple podcasts.



We're genuinely excited to bring this series to you and eager to receive feedback—we anticipate the series will grow and change as we do, and just like any good piece of learning, and we're excited to see where it leads.

Special thanks to Alana Saphin for the great work in helping us venture into this exciting new territory.
Left to right: Simon Dewar, Damien Cantelo and Kala Philip recording BSI's first podcast in the studio
Simon Dewar, Damien Cantelo and Kala Philip recording BSI's first podcast in the studio