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What is a managed learning service?

You may be familiar with the concept of Managed IT Services – a company pays a fixed priced per month to an external IT provider in exchange for on-call technical support and assistance with the company’s IT-related matters in accordance with a service agreement.

Managed learning services bring specialised expertise into small and medium organisations in an affordable manner that supports their short and longer term needs for experienced team members that either extend their team’s capacity or provide skills that they don’t currently possess. In the same way, managed learning services are an effective way for organisations to benefit from the specialised skillsets of professional learning experts in a way that is reliable, available on demand, and cost effective. This can be for a single large project, or on an ongoing support basis.

BSI Digital are now fully equipped as a learning service provider to support individual, and small team engagements with our clients... These are superstars who collaborate with existing internal teams and support them achieve their goals - whether they be about speed of delivery, helping design a quality solution, or just someone to roll up their sleeves and build - and getting the job done.

Our engagements have one big difference over recruiters. To us, the problem with a lot of instructional design placement services is that they provide a “bum on a seat” with recruiters bearing no responsibility (and almost never possessing the expertise) to support the provided resources and ensure the quality of their deliverables.

We've heard a lot of horror stories, and been asked to fix a lot of botched projects for our clients when this has happened, with the worst case I heard of projects being being shut down and eLearning being unusable because it didn't meet basic digital learning standards and guidelines.

We're doing this differently, ensuring anyone working with our clients has been vetted through rigorous recruitment processes and is fully supported and mentored by our senior team of digital experience leads, with all instructional design work quality assured and tested and approved by our digital developers, multimedia and accessibility experts. It’s a win-win that ensures that you get both the speed of development and expanded team you need, without the risk of having to manage their outputs, and with the certainty that their learning deliverables will meet BSI’s quality standards.

I'm really interested in talking further and speaking with anyone who has opinions, experiences, or needs to work in this way. If you are too, or think we could help out, get in touch!

Simon Dewar
Managing Director