Artificial Intelligence
AI Crash Course

Get confident in 1 hour a day for 5 days. AI can be overwhelming. In this course you’ll get to dip your toes in, and come away with the skills and confidence to implement AI tools and strategies in your everyday work.

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Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone wanting to understand AI better and how it can support them in their everyday work and life – from individual contributors, managers and executives.

Leveraging AI is no longer optional—it’s essential for staying ahead. In six fast-paced lessons led by our proprietary AI avatar, the AI Crash Course equips you with the tools and techniques to craft effective prompts, optimise workflows with AI, and maximize personal productivity.

Get 1:1 time with AI experts Ed Ortega and Chase Ballard in a lightning lecture and office hours throughout the week. Join us for one week, and leave with the confidence to apply AI in your work every day (plus a badge to share on LinkedIn)

Course Overview

  • Duration: 5 days
  • Delivery Mode: Online Virtual Learning Session
  • Price (AUD): $600.00 $549.00
  • Faculty: Technology
  • Experience: Foundational
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Course Structure

Video Workshop Sessions

6 x video workshops covering:

  • Intro to prompt writing
  • Crafting prompts that actually work
  • Improving personal productivity
  • Tackling your to-do list

video workshop

Practical Activities and Projects

  • Hands on practice building prompts
  • Tips to spot hallucinations and fact check your AI’s output
  • Guide to audit your workflows
  • Step by step process to build good AI Habits

Strategic Resources

Guides on AI strategy, prompting, and more

  • 20+ downloadable resources built by AI experts
  • Guides for setting AI strategy, using prompts, and customising AI to your role and function

Live Workshop and Tutorials

Dedicated time with a seasoned AI expert

  • One live workshop with a dedicated AI consultant (also recorded)
  • Feedback on AI questions, thorny problems or project ideas
  • Live tutorial session to work through your learning needs


Teri Kelly

Connector | CHRO and DEIA Advisor | Future of Work

I love closing out the year with professional development and the Al for Personal Productivity course by Section was extremely useful and timely! There is still so much to learn but this is a great foundational course.

Roxanne Haggerty

HR Learning & Development Technology and Operations

The speed at which generative Al is taking off is pretty eye-popping. So glad I had the opportunity to join Section's Al prompt writing workshop to learn more about using prompts to improve the output of these tools.

Josh Fletcher

Communications & Marketing Manager

"I'm excited to share that I've earned the "Al for Personal Productivity" certification from Section! This means I'm now skilled at using Al to boost efficiency and focus on strategy, leaving routine tasks to smart tech. # Key Highlights: 4 Expert in identifying Al applications for maximum productivity. 4 Skilled in crafting effective prompts for advanced language models. 4 Ready to bring innovative, Al- driven approaches to my work. Here's to a future where Al and human creativity combine to achieve amazing

Michael Tomsic

Marketing Director | Nonprofit Board Chair.

Found my first course in Section's Al curriculum extremely interesting and practical. Thank you to Joevon Borde for a great workshop. Or as Al would more colorfully put it based on my refined prompt: "Leveling up my Al skills with Section's cutting-edge curriculum. Huge thanks to instructor Joevon Borde for an insightful workshop with real-world applications."

John Ore

Fractional Strategy Executive, Product and Technology Leader Founder of 45 Revolutions

Section has been indispensable in helping me get 45 Revolutions going. Take advantage of their awesome schedule of courses and workshops, offering practical education you can really use, including a growing syllabus of Al courses!


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What’s included in the course? down arrow
The AI Crash Course includes 1-2 hours of lesson video content in 6 workshops, workbook/project work that takes around 1-2 hours to complete, strategic resources and dedicated time with an AI expert.
What will I need to participate? down arrow
You’ll need your computer, and an Internet connection. You’ll be accessing live learning sessions via Zoom. Access to AI tools like ChatGPT is preferable.
What are the learning outcomes? down arrow
By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • - Learn how to select the right AI tool and optimise it around your preferences
  • - Audit your workflows and identify areas you can leverage AI’s strengths
  • - Understand the roles AI can play and brainstorm use cases for each one
  • - Start a library of powerful prompts you can use regularly
What are the session times? down arrow
Course dates are updated monthly. Select the course from the booking screen.
Can we do the course as a team? down arrow
Certainly, we welcome teams either in public courses or if you have large enough group sizes we can run cohorts of your team. Contact us for a discussion on how to ensure you get the best experience for your team size and needs, and to access corporate discounted rates for large teams and rollouts.
What are the payment options? down arrow
All payments for enrolments via our website accept credit or debit card. For team enrolments above 10 people, invoicing can be arranged by emailing